7:09 A.M. So much for ‘ free speech ‘ …

Steve Bannon , the controversial media figure and Donald Trump’s former chief strategist , is coming to Toronto for a  debate about populism — an announcement that’s already drawing criticism online. This week , The New Yorker magazine scrapped its plan to have Bannon as a featured guest at its annual festival after facing sharp backlash from readers and celebrities. Within hours of making the announcement, New Yorker editor David Remnick decided to cancel the interview , saying he did not want Bannon to ‘ propel further the ideas of white nationalism , racism, anti-Semitism and illiberalism ‘ …

Bannon is set to speak about ‘ The Rise of Populism ‘ at a Nov. 2 Munk Debate … An ongoing debate series held at Toronto’s Roy Thomson Hall that draws some 3,000 people each time. The November debate , announced Wednesday, is also drawing criticism , with a number of people attacking its moderator and organizer , Rudyard Griffiths , of giving Bannon a platform to share his views.

MORBNOTE ; All the ‘ Liberals ‘ feel that if someone doesn’t agree with them , then that person either ‘ doesn’t understand ‘ things  or they’re racist !! … Which means , because they don’t think the way Liberals do , they are wrong and they don’t have a right to have that opinion and should not be allowed the freedom to speak that opinion !!! …

Critics have attacked Bannon for stoking racial divisions and advocating for far-right ideas , both inside the White House and during his time heading the Breitbart News Network. Bannon once described Breitbart as ‘ the platform for the alt-right ‘. But while admitting the website attracts racists , homophobes and anti-Semites , he has vowed he doesn’t hold those views.

In Toronto, where ‘ Diversity Our Strength ‘ is the city’s motto , Bannon is set to argue in favour of populism … ” I want to bring everything crashing down and destroy all of today’s establishment ” he is quoted as saying on the website promoting the debate.

Source: Steve Bannon to debate populism on Toronto stage after being dropped by New Yorker | CBC News

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