4:47 A.M. The following snippet of an ‘ opinion article ‘ in the NYT is just that … One man’s ‘ opinion ‘ …

They sat in seats of honor , near the front of Washington National Cathedral. They bowed their heads when appropriate. They looked up pensively and listened.

By all appearances , they were honoring their departed colleague , Senator John Sidney McCain III , during a majestic ceremony on Saturday. And by doing so they were showing America that leaders of both parties reject the hateful , petty , law-defying politics of President Trump. They were showing America what a better nation could look like.

But it was all an act … A cynical , hypocritical act that McCain , who had a keen eye for hypocrisy , would have seen right through.

It was an act for Mitch McConnell , the Senate majority leader … It was an act for Paul Ryan , the speaker of the House … It was an act , most jarringly , for Lindsey Graham , McCain’s dear friend and the senior senator from South Carolina … It was an act for Orrin Hatch , Rob Portman and nearly all of the other Republican members of Congress who attended the service.

It was an act because they have not kept faith with the principles that McCain held dear.

MORBNOTE ; If you read the entire article written by David Leonardt , you’ll see he negates his own ‘ opinion ‘ right off the top by para-phrasing John McCain … It was John McCain who often stated that , basically …

‘ You can disagree with people , yet still respect them for being decent , hard working individuals ‘…

But , true to form , this writer slags all the people that don’t agree with HIM ! …

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