3:18 P.M. ‘ It’s fraudulent ‘ … BOTTOM LINE !!! …

Some have suggested this is a solution looking for a problem as , according to Statistics Canada , just 313 babies were born in this country in 2016 to non-Canadian mothers , out of the 383,315 children born here that year. But other data suggests the phenomenon is more common.

Richmond Hospital in Richmond, B.C. , a city near Vancouver , recorded 383 births to non-resident mothers in 2016-17 , representing 17.2 per cent of all births at the hospital. Last year, the number rose to 469 , or 22.2 per cent of all births , according to statistics provided by the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority to CBC News.

Let’s see now … StatsCan says there’s ONLY 313 babies born to illegal immigant mothers in ALL of Canada  … Yet ONE hospital in ONE city … Of ONE province ( British Columbia ) recorded 383 one year and 469 … 22.2 % !!! last year … Yet we have ( what must be some Liberal hack ! ) StatsCan spokesperson sayin ‘ it’s no problem ‘ !!! …

At 22.2 % , I’d say it’s a COSTLY problem ! …

The authority said the majority were to Chinese nationals.

” It’s arguably crowding out hospital space and facilities for residents of Canada. So , there’s a real issue there in Richmond , B.C. and other localities ” said Griffith.

But Griffith questioned whether the Conservative solution is workable , noting former Conservative citizenship minister Jason Kenney pursued a policy change while in government only to find the numbers relatively small and the cost to provinces , which issue birth certificates , prohibitive.

” I don’t want to see birth tourism happen , but on the practical side as to what you do about it , abolishing birthright citizenship is using a hammer to squash a fly , because if the numbers are small … Do you really want to inconvenience literally millions of Canadians to address a relatively small problem ? Are there other ways one can address the issue ? “…

Griffith suggested hospitals could require higher deposits from non-residents to cover medical expenses , or there could be changes to how visas are granted to pregnant women to allow border officials to refuse entry if they suspect a person is travelling to Canada to give birth.

He also said the clear discrepancy between StatsCan data and information supplied by just one B.C. hospital suggests the government needs to “get its act together … To get a real handle on what exactly the numbers are.”

Well Griff … All valid points … Charge with the costs … PLUS … Don’t accept the obvious ones into the country in the first place … And most of all … The government gettin’ their shit together part !!! … However … I suggest as well as all that … The child is still not considered a Canadian resident ( Never mind ‘ Canadian born citizen ‘ !!! ) and must go thru the process … As far as the mother manages !! …

Or BYE BYE BOTH of ya !!! …

Source: ‘It’s fraudulent’: Former immigration official says action needed on ‘passport babies’ | CBC News

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