3:36 P.M. Typical ‘ career ‘ politician !!! …

” This court should be particularly cautious about intervening in an ongoing electoral process ” the province’s lawyers warn before asking the case be dismissed and the government awarded its costs.

Ford , a failed Toronto mayoral candidate and one-term city councillor , has said he has wanted to make the change since his days at city hall despite not mentioning his plan during the spring election. He has repeatedly called Toronto city council ‘ dysfunctional ‘ and said its size has hindered the approval of major transit or infrastructure projects.

Wayne Petrozzi , a politics and public administration professor at Ryerson University , said he’s not surprised by the strong language in the province’s arguments regarding its control over municipalities.

” Historically provinces have acted … in a heavy-handed or stark way in terms of their municipalities ” he said … ” It’s been the case historically in Ontario where governments have reshuffled the deck in terms of what local governments look like , how it functions , how it’s structured on several occasions over the last 50 years “.

Petrozzi said he expects other municipalities around Ontario will be watching the court proceedings , but added that politicians in rural Ontario opposed to forced amalgamations under former premier Mike Harris were not able to successfully challenge those decisions.

“Any municipal leader who’s been around for any length of time knows that it’s happened before , it’s happening now , it could happen again and you don’t have a lot to say about it ” he said.

Yet , as promised … John Tory is wasting time and taxpayer money on a lost legal grand standing attempt that he KNOWS will go nowhere !!! …


Source: Toronto court challenge of council cut has ‘no merit’: Ontario government | CTV News

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