9:34 A.M. I’d certainly have some level of confidence if it were Junior’s old man sittin’ at the table … But Mr. Selfie’s in over his head !!! …

Is it just me , or would you like to see PET in his prime sit down with ‘ The Donald ‘ and for a tete’ d ‘ tete on the NAFTA agreement ? … Now , unfortunately , his spoiled , ‘ the budget will balance itself ‘ , half ass drama teacher son is dealing with the Trumpster … I’m not at all happy with many of the things that occured under Pierre’s rule , but I’ll always maintain that , as far as a ‘ politician ‘ goes … He was among the best … I didn’t mind him on the world stage representing Canada …

If Pete Sr had gone on an official trip to India , instead of making a fool of himself ( and by extension , this country ! ) by decorating his entire family … Complete with red forehead dots !!! …  He probably would have made a point of being driven around , not in a limo , but a Canadian taxi with a white Canadian born citizen driver !!! …

Donald Trump scored a major political victory by getting the Mexicans to agree to raise wages in the auto industry … A win that will play well in important car-producing political battlegrounds like Ohio and Michigan. He now wants to repeat that triumph in Wisconsin and upstate New York by forcing Canada to make concessions on the system that protects its dairy industry.

People sitting around the negotiating table say a modernized trade agreement with the Americans is possible this week. Its success or failure has come down to Trump’s demands on dairy versus the Canadian insistence on including the Chapter 19 dispute resolution mechanism and carve-outs for cultural industries that allow Canadian content requirements on television , radio and film.

The Canadian side is also seeking reassurance that the review mechanism agreed to in the Mexican deal … A review every six years , with a 16-year expiry period , does not constitute a ‘ hard ‘ sunset that might discourage investment.

Justin Trudeau said again Wednesday he will not buckle in his support for supply management , the command economy system that controls production as a means of setting prices for dairy , chicken and eggs. To retain his popularity in Quebec , Trudeau needs to be able to say supply management remains in place. But it is increasingly hard to see how he can get a deal with Trump and be able to make that claim with any credibility. Whatever he agrees to is likely to hollow out a system that only survives by artificially blocking foreign competition.

MORBNOTE ; This is all because KBec wants the game fixed so they can win !!! … And , of course , the wee Turdo has to cater to them … As a whole , Canadian dairy farmers can and will rise to the occasion of fair competition … If some have to fail … They couldn’t have been that well operated in the first place … It’s the nature of business …As a whole , the dairy industry employs around 16,000 people … The auto industry … 140,000 !!! … Sorry Junior … You and KBec don’t have a choice …

PLUS … For all of us Canadian’s that don’t get grossly over compensated for their daily routines ( like politicians ) … When we go to the local Fortinos or Food Basics we don’t keep getting screwed royally for a block of cheese or a carton of milk just for the sake of getting Liberal votes from KBec !!! …

Source: Trudeau has to save the furniture on trade, if not the contents of the fridge | National Post

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