7:47 A.M. From Knuckledraggin My Life Away …

Criminal parenting

Posted on 08/29/2018 by Wirecutter

A 9-year-old Colorado boy was driven to suicide after he was bullied for coming out as gay , his heartbroken mother claims. Leia Pierce discovered her son Jamel Myles dead at their Denver home on Thursday. A coroner’s report released on Monday morning confirmed the cause of death as a suicide , Denver Police told The Post …

Kenny posted this one this morning and he expressed the exact same thought that leaped to my mind midway thru the reading !!! …

Kenny’s comment ;

How in the fuck does a NINE YEAR OLD boy who hasn’t even gone through puberty yet know he’s gay ? How in the fuck does a nine year old even know what being gay is ?

The parents need to be shot for pushing this shit off on their kid.

No argument here !!! …

Source: Knuckledraggin My Life Away | Where Bad Choices Make Good Stories

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