7:18 A.M. Spaghetti mystery finally solved !!! …

SpagettiThe nature of how a spaghetti noodle breaks … Or whether it was even possible to break a stick cleanly in two …

In the book ‘ No Ordinary Genius ‘ Richard P. Feynman’s friend , Daniel Hillis , tells a story of a night when he and Feynman tried to figure it out …

” Why is this true … Why does it break into three pieces ? We spent the next two hours coming up with crazy theories ” Hillis recalls. Eventually , Feynman gave up. He died not knowing the physics that govern the most beloved pasta.

But last week , a group of scientists discovered a new piece of the answer. Their findings were published in The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and announced in an MIT news release.

If you’re a huge pasta fan like I am , you understand the problem. Take a stick of spaghetti , hold it by the ends and bend it until it breaks. Naively , you’d assume that the stick would break into two pieces ; but it never does. The stick will break into three pieces or , more often , with little spaghetti bits flying everywhere. Now , the recent discovery isn’t about why spaghetti ordinarily doesn’t break into only two pieces. In fact , scientists have understood that for over a decade : When a long and thin object like a stick of spaghetti is broken by bending it in two , the energy of the initial fracture propagates back through the stick , causing the stick to fracture in multiple places. This results in the frustrating , time-honored practice of picking out the tiny spaghetti fragments from the crevices of the stovetop.

The scientists who explained this annoying feature of spaghetti , Basile Audoly and Sebastien Neukirch , shared the 2006 Ig Nobel Prize in Physics   ( not to be confused with the Nobel Prize ), awarded for research that first ” makes people laugh, and then think “. Until this month , however , it was unknown if it is even possible to break a stick of spaghetti into only two pieces. Spoiler : It is. And researchers Ronald Heisser of Cornell University and Vishal Patil of MIT and their co-authors figured it out. All it takes is a twist. If you take a stick of spaghetti and twist it before you bend it , you can break the stick into two. When the initial fracture occurs , energy is released as occurs in a normal break , but rather than propagating through the stick and breaking it , the energy goes into relieving the tension induced by the twist.

Heisser and Patil built an apparatus that allowed them to precisely twist and bend dry noodles and test their calculations.

MORBNOTE ; PLEASE !!! tell me that there was no government grant money involved in all of this ‘ scientific research ‘ !!! …

Source: Spaghetti mystery that stumped famous physicist is finally solved

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