9:35 A.M. Québec solidaire clarifies : French is KBec’s only official language …

Parti Québécois leaders Jean-François Lisée and Véronique Hivon expressed outrage after Québec solidaire said on Twitter that English was also an official language in Quebec.

” It is very worrisome to see Québec solidaire’s position on the status of French as the only common language in Quebec. It’s completely alarming,” Hivon said. Lisée added that English is “ an important language “, that of Quebec’s “ main minority “.

Quebecers want to learn English , but it is not an official language , he said. Québec solidaire tweeted from its official account on Thursday :

“ English is an official language of Quebec and Canada ”. Party spokesperson Manon Massé reiterated that remark on Thursday , speaking in both English and French.

“ What I am saying is that since we are currently in Canada , English is an official language in Quebec “. Massé said.

MORBNOTE ; Precisly !!! … If I was in charge English would be the ONLY officail language of this country … I’d allow KBec to cling to their language BUT !!! … KBEec would have to finance it ALL with their own taxes and get NO MONEY from other PROVINCES !!! … Yes … KBec is a PROVINCE !!! … NOT a ‘ nation within a nation ‘ … Certainly not a ‘ country ‘ !!! … This bullshit has cost this country far too much money and wasted far too much time and energy ..

But on Friday , Nadeau-Dubois attributed the tweet to a staff member’s inexperience with social media. As for Massé’s comments , she was struggling to express herself in English, Nadeau-Dubois said.

MORBNOTE II ; Notice how politicians from out west take the time and effort to learn KBec – WAH ( It AIN’T Parisienne French !!! ) but these KBec wogs don’t feel they are required to learn English ?!!! …

“ It’s strictly a mistake ” he said during a press conference on Friday in Montreal , in which the party presented its campaign posters. There is no ambiguity for Québec solidaire , Nadeau-Dubois said. It is “ obvious ” that there is only one official language in Quebec , he added.

“ Manon was answering a question that was first asked in English. You know Manon’s challenges with English. Her answer was not clear. It caused confusion and , later , she was still in that confusion. But a few minutes later , she corrected it ” Nadeau-Dubois said.

“ Of course in Québec solidaire , everyone knows that Quebec has only one official language : French.

” The Canadian state has two official languages. And what Manon was trying to say is that the day Quebec becomes independent , we can even better protect the French language ” he said.

First of all … That ain’t happened yet … And secondly , if ya do succeed in that quest … You take your share of the national debt per population base , PLUS all tabulated costs of the bullshit ‘ bilingualism ‘ experiment … PLUS lose a certain amount of geography to allow travel between the coasts of THIS country AND ALL Canadian institutions and businesses that currently , and conveniently , reside in KBec get transferred to other provinces of Canada …

Your new ‘ nation ‘ with begin with hundreds of thousands of people  ( who once had Canadian government jobs ! ) out of work , you’ll have a huge debt right off the bat … And you’ll have to try and figure out what you’ll begin paying that debt down with as you won’t be using the CANADIAN DOLLAR !!! …

As a new ‘ nation ‘ , you’ll have to negotiate trade deals with the other members of NAFTA and the European Union , etc.,etc. …

I’ve always said … FUCK THE FRENCH !!! … They are ungrateful , greedy bastards !!! …

Source: Québec solidaire clarifies: French is Quebec’s only official language | Montreal Gazette

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