8:29 A.M. Introducing ! … Grouchy Old Cripple …

Added a new very interesting read to the blogroll this morning … ‘ Denny ‘ here seems to be around my age and every bit as ‘ cynical ‘ about the state of ‘ humankind ‘ as I !!! … After reading two or three of his posts I find that , like myself , he attempts to opine from the very crux of the matter of whatever he’s musing on at that particular time and finding the ‘ root cause ‘ … Instead of getting swept up in the massive flow of ‘ over-morphed ‘ viewpoints , theories , agendas and outright bullshit of other people’s ill conceived conclusions on matters that effect how we go about our daily toil of survival …

The governments … The media … The ‘ church ‘ … Self appointed so-called ‘ experts ‘ on all things human …

Here’s an excerpt from one ( of many to follow , I’m sure … ) posts from …

A coupla hundred years ago the primary activity for ordinary humans was finding ways to survive , to acquire shelter , food, safety. For many reasons , especially in remote areas , sports were of little interest except to children with their various games involving toys or balls or dares. Entertainment consisted largely of watching predators catch and eat the OTHER guy.

Today’s sports have evolved into a substitute for what once was a survival mechanism of loyalty to the tribe , the leader , the way of life that seemed to work while entertainment has become political propaganda and product endorsement. As Rome began to decay and collapse from almost constant war , alien intrusions , debit spending , and internal corruption , emperors took people’s attention away from reality by providing them with spectacles in various arenas and coliseums. A chariot race , a gladiatorial match , a parade of exotic animals . . . none of which brought any benefit except momentary distraction from reality , but which drew energy and resources away from more important issues , such as infrastructure.

Today’s NFL , or NBA , or MLB , or ‘ World Cup ‘ games set up useless heroes and meaningless tribal loyalties in place of village or strong-man loyalties once established for the common defense or resource management. European football ( soccer ) fans engage in riots and massive destruction of property over loss in a match with a rival. Neither winning nor losing a game directly affects the city’s or nation’s food supply , border security , or mineral wealth. But men actually die and public areas are destroyed in the name of ‘ sports ‘.

American guys can recite the ERA or pass-completion figures or free-throw shooting stats for their favorite player , but most of them can’t name their Congressional reps , their senators , or more than a judge or two on the Supreme Court.Young men , and an increasing number of young women , finish high school with barely adequate grades for acceptance to a college or university where they will live in special dorms , have special tutors , live special lives , and have proxy test takers while they learn nothing more than how to kick , catch , throw , hit , or bounce a ball. Most of those , especially the males , never succeed in pro careers in the NFL or NBA or WTA or USSL or MLB or PGA, and since they learned nothing of marketable value while in school they become disabled drains on various social-support systems while still in their 30s or 40s , many even dependent upon drugs and crime for pain and/or income.

MORBNOTE ; … As you can see , Denny’s a ‘ multi-tasker ‘ … He’s commented articulately on TWO major issues at one time and showed the VERY important connection to the two …

Click on the link for the whole read …

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