3:42 P.M. National Post and CTV cry out about ‘ vulgar ‘ and ‘abhorrent’ posts !!! … RASSSISSST !!!! …

Garth Stevenson , a retired professor gets in shit about speaking his mind … So much for freedom of speech ! … They even strip him of his emeritus status !!! After thirty odd years of effort in his field …

” While my language was intemperate and offensive and I apologize for it , I think the campaign to destroy the reputation of Sir John A. Macdonald is entirely unjustified and that was the point that I was trying to make ” Stevenson wrote in an email to the newspaper. In his statement to the paper, Stevenson also called the emeritus designation a ‘ meaningless title ‘.

” Although it might deprive me of the right to borrow books from their library , I am sure I can live without that ” he wrote.

The National Post’s headline stated he made ‘ vulgar ‘ comments … The sourse here uses the word ‘ abhorrent ‘ … Here’s what he said ;

In one now-deleted tweet cited in published news reports , Stevenson wrote that Victoria was removing the statue of Macdonald … ” to appease some snivelling aboriginals who probably never did a day’s work in their lives “…

‘ Scuse me ! … ‘ snivelling ‘ is ‘ abhorrent ‘ ?! … ‘ vulgar ‘ ?!!! …

Snivelling definition : to cry and sniffle … or … to complain in a whining or tearful way …

Sounds accurate enough to me …


Source: Brock University strips former prof’s emeritus status after ‘abhorrent’ posts | CTV News

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