8:35 A.M. Rex muses about the ‘ Trump ‘ effect … Part I …







It may now join the propositions of Euclid , as impregnable to rebuttal , that Donald Trump or any news that alludes to him , unhinges the minds of those who oppose him. Trump , in this respect , is like global warming. He is the universal key to every phenomenon. Any statement about Trump , so long as it is in any way condemnatory , dismissive , insulting or condescending , requires neither proof , consistency , logic or ( and especially ) decency.

Just as enlisting in the grand cause of global warming invests the recruit with the immeasurable gifts of infallibility , moral superiority and boundless righteousness , so too does opposition , even to hatred , of Trump free the mind from all obligation to moderation , custom , or articulate argument. It is the ultimate pass to be as nasty and crude as anyone could wish , and — with rarely noted irony — even to be more nasty and crude than the great boorish Trump himself.

How odd … To oppose Trump is to become a more clangorous version of him. Hatred of Trump frees the mind from all obligation to moderation , custom , or articulate argument. As a corollary to the axiom , the greatest Trump-a-phobes also assign themselves the power to label anyone inconvenient to their view of the world as Trump-like , any opponent as Trumpian. Poor President Trump has become such a convenient touchstone that merely to drop his name while savaging an antagonist — under the cranium of any incensed Trump-a-phobe — is to close the sale , end the argument , and consign the victim to the red-hot hell of pariahdom.

The dark halo of Trumpism gets painted over many an innocent head. One minute it is , of all people , Andrew Sheer who is adopting Trump-like tactics.

Pause a moment. If Andrew Scheer is Donald Trump , I am Hulk Hogan.

In Ontario , the freshly invested premier, Doug Ford , is also Donald Trump. He’s really Donald Trump. For is not Doug Ford that most contemptible of practicing politicians , a dreaded populist ? ( Swiftly — “ weave a circle round him thrice.” )…

I reach for the fat , full , multi-volume Oxford English Dictionary to plumb the meaning of this vile Trump trope. I find on its Delphic leaves :

“ populist — one who seeks to represent the views of the mass of ordinary people.” Very , very rarely in the elegant forum of the National Post that all know and love as Full Comment do I dip into the demotic mode , but this is such a moment.

“ Doug Ford , you are a heartless bastard. Representing the mass of ordinary people — you fiendish tribune.” His brother — the late , dear , troubled , lovely Rob ( peace be to his shade ) — was even worse. He actually ( shudder ) liked them as well.

It is one thing to be called a Trump wannabe. It is quite another to actually work for Mr. Trump  … 

Sarah Huckabee Sanders , an articulate , tough , poised woman , is his press secretary , who with seven of her friends went far out of Washington to have supper at a restaurant , The Red Hen. Two minutes after placing the order , the zealous owner , Stephanie Wilkinson , asked / told Sanders to leave. ( No free-range chickens for you ! ) The obliging , polite , still esurient Sanders did, without demur or protest.

The locust swarm of anti-Trumpers soon hit the high clouds of Twitter to cheer Wilkinson’s ‘ resistance ‘. She was the Bonhoeffer of Today’s Specials. Those who spoke a word or two in Sarah Sanders’ favour were mauled mercilessly. An enlightened mind which sparkles under our very own Canadian skies , an academic no less , if political science can be said to partake in that category , enlarged the Twitter mindscape with this aperçu :

“ It’s 1934 and pundits are complaining that a restaurant refused to serve Goebbels.” ( He neglected to send out a warning to Poland though. )

Sarah Huckabee Sanders — Goebbels ?! …

Back to the Euclid formula that introduced this aria. It is a chief glory of being ‘ anti-Trump ‘ that having adopted that position as a surrogate for thought , one is , by equally demented analogy , free to write and say the first ripe idiocy that springs to mind , however crude and misplaced.


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