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singh-brothersJagmeet Singh , left , and his brother , Gurratan Singh , have worked closely together on Jagmeet Singh’s political campaigns. Gurratan Singh is now seeking the NDP nomination for the riding his brother used to represent in Ontario. Gurratan Singh, the younger brother of federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh , is trying to keep a seat at the Ontario legislature in the family. Singh announced Monday he is seeking the NDP nomination in Brampton East for the upcoming provincial election in June.

MORBNOTE ; Unfortunately this is in my neck of the woods … But detrimental to the entire country regardless of what riding ! …singh-transition-20171025

‘ I love this community , and I’m really , really connected to this community. I’ve been organizing actively in the community for the past 10 years ‘ Singh said in an interview Tuesday. ‘ When I hear the issues that they are facing … it motivates me to want to fight for this community , to be their voice so we can stand up for them and try and make their lives better ‘ he said.

MORBNOTE II ; To best illustrate the futility of this area … Due to its’ proximity to the influx at the nearby airport .. Here are the other party choices …

 The Liberals and Progressive Conservatives already have nominated candidates — Parminder Singh and Simmer Sandhu , respectively. The nomination meeting is scheduled for April 2.

These people are singularly interested in attempting to transform this country into the shithole they chose to leave … Become Canadian … Or return to your place of origin and try to solve your problems from there !!! …

I firmly believe after the first 100 years of this country’s existence one must be two complete generations of residing in Canada in order to run for office. This means that you AND your parents were Canadians ( Or raised in the British Empire that formed this country as a colony in the first place ) …

Source: Jagmeet Singh’s brother Gurratan shares passion for politics, is seeking NDP seat in Ontario | CBC News


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