9:09 A.M. Canada failed Omar ?!!! … Give me the rifle !!! … I’ll happily shoot the fucker !!!…






It is close to 15 years since the July 27, 2002, firefight in Afghanistan that killed a U.S. soldier, injured another, and left 15-year-old Canadian citizen Omar Khadr badly wounded and near death. And thus began an agonizing and Kafkaesque years-long journey of injustice, suffering and abandonment for a teenager who was a child soldier and should never have been pushed into the middle of a war in the first place. There is much blame to go around for the harm and wrongs done to Mr. Khadr. Clearly his father should never have put him in this situation in the first place. Undeniably, U.S. officials bear the bulk of responsibility for the endless human rights violations he endured – including torture, ill-treatment, arbitrary detention and an unfair trial – in both the notorious Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan and the infamous Guantanamo Bay detention centre.

Who the fuck is this asshole writing this bullshit ?!!! …

The thoughts from your pitiful mind have no business being shared with the world !!! …

Source: Canada failed Omar Khadr. We owed him compensation and an apology – The Globe and Mail


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