6:49 A.M. Anti-G20 activists ( Re ; ASSHOLES ! ) riot …

You have something to say …

Police said riots were extremely aggressive in the early hours of Saturday in the city’s Schanzenviertel neighbourhood, which is only a few hundred meters (yards) away from the summit grounds. Hundreds of officers went into buildings to arrest rioters wearing black masks from rooftops while being attacked with iron rods and Molotov cocktails. Thirteen activists were arrested when special units stormed one building. About 500 people looted a supermarket in the neighbourhood as well as smaller stores. Cars were torched and street fires lit as activists built barricades with garbage cans and bikes. World leaders have come together in the northern German port city for two days to tackle contentious issues including terrorism, climate change and trade. Most protesters expressed their opposition to the summit in peaceful ways, asking for quick action on climate change and solutions to the migration crisis. But a few thousand rioters, some of them from abroad, created havoc in the city. They’ve battled riot police for two consecutive days, expressing rage against capitalism and globalization and called for open borders to let all refugees enter Europe. Their anger is not so much focused against President Donald Trump or other leaders, but directed against police as symbols of authority …

But you also want to ‘ break and enter ‘ and ‘ steal ‘ … What the fuck does that have to do with it ?!!! …

Source: Anti-G20 activists riot for second night in Hamburg | Financial Post


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