2:17 P.M. … Ssshhh !!! … Hear the toilet ?!!! …

A women’s-only, clothing-optional spa in Toronto is being accused of transphobia after a customer trying to book a service said she was told their inclusion policy won’t allow “male genitalia.” Vi King tweeted about Body Blitz spa, which calls itself a single-sex facility, on June 9: “Tried to book an appointment for my wife @bodyblitzspa womens only spa was told theyre trans inclusion policy wont (sic) allow ‘male genitalia.’” The tweet triggered a wave of negative feedback on the spa’s social media accounts, including one that read: “I will no longer be coming here. A place where my trans women friends are not welcome, is not a place for me.”

MORBNOTE ; I just don’t see the justification , angst and vehement of attitude that these people that spout this ABSOLUTE LOAD OF BALLS !!! figure they have anything worth other human beings listening to !!! …

Source: ‘Male genitalia’ policy spurs backlash at Toronto women’s spa | CTV News


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