7:52 P.M. We MUST stop importing these assholes !!! …

A 24-year-old Uber driver has been charged with kidnapping one of his passengers. According to Toronto police, an 18-year-old woman arranged for an Uber ride on Sunday around 4:00 p.m near Eglinton Avenue East and Dunfield Avenue in the Yonge-Eglinton area. The passenger told police the driver engaged in inappropriate conversation and made “unwanted advances.” When the woman refused and asked to be let out of the car — a Nissan Altima — police said the Uber driver refused and attempted to forcibly take her to another location. The woman was able to escape and called police.

Toronto police charged the Uber driver Sukhbaj Singh, who is from Belleville, Ont., with forcible confinement, kidnapping and assault, on Monday. Singh has been released on bail and is due back in court in early July.





These people just don’t get how we live here … They NEVER will !!! …


They just collectively try to force their way of living onto us thru OUR basis of fairness in society … But care little of all that comes with that …

There’s all kinds of unemployed CANADIANS that would be qualified and capable … AND want a job driving a cab or bus … Or minimum wage job somewhere but are turned away by this country’s decades old libereal ‘ free-thinking ‘ assholes that are attempting to apologize and for past generations indiscretions and feel themselves ‘ above ‘ anyone that disagrees with them … By reverse discrimination … 

And we end up with these types of assholes to deal with !!!



Source: Toronto Uber driver charged with kidnapping 18-year-old passenger – Toronto – CBC News


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