10:39 A.M. Harjit Sajjan … Another of Pete JR’s vote grabbing appointments showing his ineptitude …

“It wasn’t a mistake, you’re a liar!” yelled a voice.  “Does he really believe that our men and women in uniform deserve a defence minister who is willing to fabricate the truth in order to bolster his own record?” Conservative Candice Bergen asked of Sajjan. “Mr. Speaker, I have apologized for my mistake,” Sajjan said. “I will be learning from this, owning the mistake, and not making any excuses for this.”

“Why did you do it?” asked someone on the opposition side. “You’re a disgrace!” yelled another. “Mr. Speaker,” Mulcair shot back, “most people learn that it is important to tell the truth before they turn 50.” In Sajjan’s defence, he is only 46.

MORBNOTE ; Ah … Excuse me Tom … But actual ‘ honest ‘ people learn the concept of telling the truth at the preteen and teenage stage of their lives … Usually under the careful guidance of responsible parenting … It’s you lying and double talking ‘ salespersons ‘ that strive to get by without being truthful that MAY have finally come to the realization that ‘ truth ‘ is a HUGE portion of the concept of honour that you bestow on each other in the dysfunctional world of politics !!! …

And you give yourselves half a century to come to that conclusion ?!!!! … No wonder you write the namby pamby criminal laws that you do !!! …

MORBNOTE II ; Note how the writer of the article points out and defends Sajjin stating he is ONLY 46 … OH !!! Well that’s different then !!! … He’s allowed to be a lying bastard and get away with it !!! … He’s not yet reached the age of conscience yet !!! … 

What a load of shit !!! …

Source: After an odd boast, Harjit Sajjan faces the queries and catcalls of question period – Politics – CBC News

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