6:50 A.M. Absolute BULLSHIT !!! …

Wilson-Raybould, who like all ministers will get an extra $80,100 in pay and a car with a driver on top of the base $167,400 annual MP salary, said the province will be well-represented not only by the cabinet ministers but by the 14 other Liberal backbenchers elected in the strongest showing by the party in B.C. since 1974.

Well Judy … For that insane amount of money you’d better do a fuck of a lot more than simply ‘ represent ‘ your province !!! … DO SOMETHING !!! … I worked 54 hours a week in a custom stainless steel fabrication shop for 60,000 annual gross !!! … That means I’m down to under 50 grand after the politicians leach their taxes off my paycheck to pamper themselves !!! … Hard , skilled , meticulous labour that provides , among other things , the pharmaceutical industry with the necessary equipment to produce the medicine that people need to survive … 

These assholes not only think that they are worth almost three time more than my efforts … Bear in mind … MY efforts produce tangible results immediately !!! … But they get two thirds of that gross over payment … TAX FREE !!! … And basically ‘ study ‘ issues and offer their opinion !!! … And because Pete Jr has awarded her a cabinet designation … She gets 20,000 dollars more that I have ever earned … ON TOP of the 167,000 … 2/3 TAX FREE … In EXTRA pay … And a fuckin’ taxpayer funded vehicle and driver to cart her lazy ass around !!! …

You and I have to pay taxes and spend a good portion on our transportation before we can even think about pickin’ up a six pack … And we get taxed numerous times along the way !!! …

Great when you can set the rules for everyone else … But ‘ vote ‘ yourselves to be exempt form those rules …

Source: Trudeau sworn in as Canada’s prime minister, three from B.C. named to cabinet


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