9:45 P.M. Back to arguing over religious headwear at National Assembly !!! …


A motion honouring the victims of last week’s shooting at a Quebec City mosque was adopted unanimously this afternoon at the National Assembly. But the show of unity was fleeting, as Quebec’s political parties quickly resumed their negotiations over what religious symbols can be worn in public. It was the first sitting of the legislature following a two-month Christmas break, and the first since six Muslims were killed in the Jan. 29 mosque attack.  CBC’s full coverage of the Quebec City mosque attack Since the shooting, many politicians in Quebec have expressed solidarity with the province’s Muslim community and promised to strike a more inclusive tone when they discuss contentious identity issues. But with the Liberal government’s religious neutrality bill, Bill 62, currently before committee, opposition parties sought to wrangle concessions that would impose restrictions on what Muslim women can wear in public. Horse-trading after tragedy In its current state, the bill will force Quebecers to give and receive public services with their faces uncovered. But the bill also provides for certain religious exemptions, including for those who wear the niqab or burka.  On Tuesday, the centre-right Coalition Avenir Québec indicated they would be willing to drop their demand that primary and secondary teachers also be banned from wearing religious head-coverings. But, in return, they want the government’s bill to include provisions preventing visible religious symbols being worn by judges, Crown lawyers, police, prison guards and the president of the National Assembly — a proposal contained in the Bouchard-Taylor report on reasonable accommodation …

MORBNOTE ; This shit will never end !!! .. Until someone has the gonads to say FUCK ALL RELIGION !!! … Just get up and go to work and keep your own human created fantasies to yourself !!! …

When you have to be identified … YOU HAVE TO SHOW YOUR FACE !!! …  If you don’t like that … GO BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM !!! … Oh … You didn’t like it there .. Well SUCK IT UP !!! … 

Stop fucking around in my neck of the woods !!! 


Source: Back to arguing over religious headwear at National Assembly – Montreal – CBC News


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