9:16 P.M. Not even ten years ?!!! … This sick bastard should rot in an institution til his death !!! …


A psychiatrist testified Monday that a schizophrenic man who beheaded and cannibalized a fellow passenger on a Greyhound bus is unlikely to go off of his medication because he doesn’t want his disease to take over again. Manitoba’s Criminal Code Review Board is being asked to grant Will Baker, formerly known as Vince Li, an absolute discharge, meaning he would no longer be subject to any conditions.

MORBNOTE ; What’s with the name change ?!!! … Hey Vince ( and that probably isn’t his real given name !!! ) … YOU’RE A SICK BASTARD !!! … We don’t need you out and about … As far as I’m concerned … You’re defective and beyond repair … You should have been ‘ put down ‘ the day after the verdict of the case was heard …

Baker was found not criminally responsible in the killing of Tim McLean in 2008. Baker’s doctor, Jeffrey Waldman, told the board that he is confident Baker will remain on his medication and will continue to work with his treatment team if released. Waldman testified that Baker knows it’s the medication that keeps his illness at bay. That should be enough to grant Baker his freedom, argued lawyer Alan Libman. “We’ve heard over and over again about Mr. Baker’s commitment to taking his medication, his commitment to physical and mental health, and his commitment to making sure he’s never in a position where his reality is different than the rest of us,” Libman told the board.


MORBNOTE II ; And here we have a doctor and yet another lawyer stating they’re ‘ confident ‘ he’ll take his medicine !!! … Well … You two agree to be accountable for his actions then !!! … But you won’t see that happening !!! …

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Source: Man who beheaded bus passenger likely to stay on medication: doctor | The Chronicle Herald


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