8:11 p.m. These people just can’t handle it !!!…


News that President Trump had some terse words to say to Australia’s prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull, over Australia’s refugee program during a recent phone call is deeply troubling. To add further insult, Mr. Trump apparently hung up abruptly. Apart from Britain, the United States has no stronger ally than Australia. While Mr. Trump’s knowledge of world affairs is reportedly scant, he should realize that our two countries have stood side by side in major conflicts for over 100 years. If Mr. Trump continues to display rude, arrogant and boorish behavior toward friendly countries like Australia, one wonders where our “special” relationship will be in 12 months.

DAVID AHERN Melbourne, Australia

The above is another typical left wing liberal rant from someone who just can’t handle hearing anything straight to the point !!! … They are so far sucked up the ass of typical bullshitting politicians and self-righteous ‘ all knowing ‘ media ‘ experts that they JUST CAN’T HANDLE AN INDIVIDUAL SUCH AS DONALD TRUMP !!! …

Here , in Canada , ya get the same crap from the Globe and Mail , the Toronto Star and CTV … And of course there’s always good old CNN down in the States !!! … Speaking of whom , while watching their take on it , I was having a chuckle over the fact that they kept inferring that Donald had a ‘ tantrum and hung up on the Prime Minister ( one news outlet actually came out with that in print !!! ) , yet CNN played an audio portion with a response DIRECTLY from Malcolm Turnbull where he stipulates that ‘ the media has it wrong , that ” the call ended courteously and cordially … It was a very frank discussion ” … And then CNN , Jake Crapper , er Tapper , in particular … Returning to the same incorrect statements !!! …

What the Hell do these people expect ?!!! … Austrailia , thru Obama ( on his way out the door I’ll add !!! ) agreed to take 1250 ‘ refugees ‘ off Australia’s hands … MOSTLY FROM THE COUNTRIES THAT PRESIDENT TRUMP HAS JUST HALTED … TEMPORARILY … Any entry into the USA … It makes me think old Barack figured that would be a clever clusterfuck to dump on the Donald as he rolled off Capitol Hill and into the sunset …

One more thing … All you asshole demonstrators , stirring up shit … GO BACK TO WORK … OR FIND A FUCKING JOB … GET THE FUCK OVER IT !!! …

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