8:21 P.M. Starving the Monkeys …


President Trump has been in office for a week now. So, it would be a good time to review progress thus far, given his phenomenal rate of advance on key issues. With cuckservative presidents past, a year wouldn’t be enough. Plenty of sites can handle all the actions Trump has taken, but I want to focus on the effects his Presidency has on the world I see around me, particularly with respect to small businesses. For the businesses we do business with, particularly design or manufacturing companies, the Trumpening affects or promises to affect three key areas: supply chains, H1B visas, and Obamacare. This week, we focus on these issues and look forward to seeing how Trump’s policies affect them …

MORBNOTE ; A very interesting read … Click on link below and take the time to read the entire article …


Source: Trump Week In Review – Starving the Monkeys


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