Sep / 11 12:40 P.M. A look back …


I found this quite interesting … As the date today resonated in my thoughts … I found this on the MLB site  … Baseball slammed to a halt … America’s pastime !!! … … But a week later got back at it …

“This is getting annoying.” Ballplayers are creatures of the night, as dictated by the season schedule. A morning phone call is a nuisance. A morning phone call on the day of your Major League debut is a disturbance. And multiple morning phone calls on the day of your debut — even if it’s friends or family members on the other line, trying to wish you good luck — is an invitation to agitation.

Jason Middlebrook had worked so hard and waited for so long to get to this day. Years earlier, he was a promising young right-hander who overwhelmed the opposition in high school in Grass Lake, Mich., pitched for Team USA in the World Junior Baseball Championships and had such an inspiring first season at Stanford that Baseball America named him its Freshman Pitcher of the Year. And then, sophomore year, his elbow began to hurt. Along came the surgery and the mechanical tweaks aimed at recovering what was lost. Middlebrook caught a break in 1996, when the Padres drafted him and gave him a $755,000 bonus, an unheard-of amount for a ninth-round pick. And for the next five years, he made the long, slow slog toward the Majors, enduring a string of statistical and health setbacks before San Diego finally summoned him in September of 2001.

He was, at 26 years old, scheduled to make his debut start on this day, a Tuesday, at Qualcomm Stadium, and all he wanted was some early morning rest. But that dang phone kept ringing. Middlebrook finally picked it up. His wife, Wendy, was on the other end in tears. “Turn on the TV,” she told him, and Middlebrook did as instructed and saw what we all saw. “Forget my debut,” he thought to himself. “Our lives have just been altered.”


Good read … Click the link below for entire article …




Source: A look back at Sept. 11 and its impact on MLB |


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