10:10 P.M. This comes from the mind of Nahlah Nayed … Not surprising !!! …



He also wants tougher rules for those already living in France: social benefits only after five years, and citizenship after ten years, not five. The headline from a Sarkozy speech last week was, “Be French or go home.” That same week, there was a less polished suggestion from a Hungarian politician: hang pigs’ heads along the border to keep Muslim asylum seekers out. The fundamental message from such politicians on both sides of the Atlantic is there are those who belong and those who don’t. There are good immigrants, and there are bad ones, though those lines are often blurred.

Click on the link for your daily dosage of absolute BULLSHIT !!!! …

I’ll add more to this later …


Source: It’s immigration, stupid: The irresistible politics of keeping people out – World – CBC News


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