7:38 P.M. ‘ Everyone has their hair done, don’t they? ‘ …


And  , of course , they all spend thousands of dollars every time they do !!! …

Cutting remarks are being made about the high cost of the French president’s personal hairdresser. François Hollande may be the most unpopular president in the history of modern France, but he is certainly among the most impeccably groomed. In a season that has seen his disapproval ratings approach 90 percent of French voters, even more gleeful ridicule was heaped on Hollande this week, when Le Canard Enchaîné, the satirical newspaper, exposed that his personal hair stylist has been paid 9,985 euros (about $14,400) per month since Hollande was elected in 2012.

Typical of the French … TOTAL  BULLSHIT !!! …



Source: France pays $14,400 a month for President Hollande’s haircuts: ‘Everyone has their hair done, don’t they?’ | National Post


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