8:56 P.M. Tiny trigger fingers: the deadly mix of children and guns in Chuck Heston’s world !!! …


Matthew Dwyer’s life lasted just five years, cut short by a bullet that was fired from a gun with a tiny finger on the trigger — his brother’s. Taylor, three years older, had picked up a small pistol his mother had left on her bedside table…


She had put it there to feel safer overnight, while her husband Daron was out of town, and forgot to put it away. It was early on a Friday morning. As Beth was drying her hair and Matthew brushing his teeth, Taylor pulled the trigger. Nothing happened. He pulled it again, and discharged a bullet that struck Matthew in the head, at close range. “It’s a kaleidoscope of pain really,” Daron Dwyer says. “No matter how you turn that to try to adjust the focus and see it differently, the colours and the patterns never really form a shape or design.”


He’d spent time talking to his son about gun safety, Dwyer says, but Taylor hadn’t seen this one before, and likely thought it was a toy …


Why the fuck would you be teaching this little girl how to fire a handgun that she should never own ?!!! …


Source: Tiny trigger fingers: the deadly mix of children and guns in the U.S. – World – CBC News


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