7:15 P.M. DiManno puts it bluntly !!! …


Rosie writes for the Toronto Star … I like her style of writing , as she oft tells it like it is …Dimanno-Rosie

None of Thursday’s raids were targeted at disrupting legal marijuana distributors or consumers with a medical prescription …

“In no way, shape or form did we look at or consider arresting people for possession,” said Saunders. “This is strictly for those people that are trafficking in narcotics’’ …

Until Ottawa legalizes pot , that’s what you are , folks  … Traffickers , no different from the gang-banger peddling crack in the park … Chasing the money …

Blow that out your self-righteous bong !!! …



Nicely put Rosie !!! …

Source: Pot raids aren’t political, just a matter of law: DiManno | Toronto Star


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