7:59 P.M. Woman asked to leave gym over tank top , takes case to human rights lawyer …


Saying she felt ‘ degraded ‘ an Ottawa woman is pursuing a possible human rights complaint against a local health club that asked her not to wear a tank top allegedly because of the size of her breasts … But the club , Movati Athletic , was fighting back against Jenna Vecchio Friday , saying while it did not intend to embarrass her , it was she and her husband who chose to make the dispute public …


Vecchio said she has contacted a human rights lawyer and is considering her options after she was told by a female staff member at Movati that her black , form-fitting tank top was making other gym members uncomfortable … The incident , which took place last Saturday while Vecchio and her husband were working out, left the woman shaken …

‘ It was humiliating because there were other members around (who) stopped doing what they were doing to listen in on the conversation ‘ Vecchio told The Canadian Press … ‘ I felt singled out, degraded ‘ she added … ‘ My chest became the focus of conversation and that’s not something a woman likes to discuss openly with people ‘ THEN … After the ‘ humiliating ordeal ‘ !!! Vecchio wrote about her ordeal on Facebook shortly afterwards under the name Rose Nickels …

GIVE ME A BREAK !! … This woman loves showin’ her tits off !!! … She posts shit like this on Facebook for CRISSAKES !!! … The tatoo’s a lovely touch too !!! …


Source: Woman asked to leave gym over tank top, takes case to human rights lawyer | Toronto Star


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