8:09 A.M. Death By Hanging ! … TWICE !!! …


Newly elected President of the Phillipines , Rodrigo Duterte , plans to ask the country’s congress to reintroduce the death penalty , which was abolished in 2006 , for a wide range of crimes including drug trafficking , rape , murder , robbery and kidnapping … Mr Duterte added that for people convicted of more than one major crime , they should be hanged twice …MadRod

‘ After you are hanged first , there will be another ceremony for the second time until the head is completely severed from the body ‘ he said … ‘ I like that because I am mad ‘ …

He also said those who were involved in organised crime or who resisted arrest would be targeted by military snipers ….

‘ If you resist , show violent resistance , my order to police (will be) to shoot to kill … Shoot to kill for organised crime ‘ he said … He added : ‘ I need military officers who are sharp-shooters and snipers … It’s true … If you (criminals) fight , I will have a sniper shoot you ‘ …

The 71-year-old’s incendiary rhetoric resonated with Filipinos fed up with rampant crime , but has alarmed others … Including outgoing President Benigno Aquino , who hear echoes of the country’s authoritarian past …

Mr Duterte has previously suggested that 100,000 people will die under his law-and-order crackdown , and that so many bodies will be dumped in Manila Bay that the fish would grow fat from feeding on them . He has also described the Pope as the ‘ son of a whore ‘ and joked that he should have been first in line to rape an Australian missionary before she was murdered …

He is due to be sworn into office on 30 June …

Here’s this piece of work and western civilization is concerned about Donald Trump !!! …


Source: Philippines’ New Leader Vows Death By Hanging


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