8:53 A.M. Last thing we need in our courthouses is common $en$e !!! …


At the end of the day …

The exoneration of Senator Mike Duffy on 31 charges of fraud , bribery and breach of trust could have significant implications for the cases against other senators under scrutiny for their expenses … ‘ I think that the cases against the other senators have only gotten weaker after this judgment ‘ said criminal defence lawyer Michael Spratt …

The next line to spew forth from this lawyer’s mouth pretty much sums up the nature of the game that we all have to finance and the reason behind why it takes so much costly time to sort anything out … And remember … A large majority of our elected officials are lawyers to begin with !!! … They set it up this way !!! …

‘ This judgment has clarified how unclear the Senate rules are ‘ …


Source: Mike Duffy ruling could put brakes on expense cases against other senators – Politics – CBC News


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