7:13 P.M. OH DEAR !!! … We’ve violated a mass murderer’s rights !!!???? …


Norway’s most notorious inmate has been detained in a high-security prison unit since he massacred 77 people in a bomb-and-gun rampage in 2011 , the worst peacetime atrocity in the country … The state’s lawyers had argued that his isolation was necessary because Breivik is ‘ extremely dangerous ‘  and said his conditions  ( Which include games consoles , workout machines and three cells at his disposal for his various activities !!! ) fell ‘ well within the limits of what is permitted ‘ under the European convention …

Breivik is serving a maximum 21-year sentence … Which can be extended if he is still considered dangerous … For killing eight people in a bombing outside a government building in Oslo and then shooting dead another 69 , mostly teenagers , at a Labour Youth camp on the island of Utoya on July 22 , 2011 … Disguised as a police officer , he spent more than an hour hunting down the almost 600 youths trapped on the small island … He put a bullet in the head of most of his victims, some of them up-and-coming leaders of Labour , Norway’s dominant party …


MORBNOTE ; Why are we wasting costly court time even BRIEFLY concerning ourselves with this asshole’s treatment ?!!! … He relinquished any ‘ humane ‘ consideration when plotting the damn scheme !!! ..

Recognize the salute ? …



This piece of shit should have been exterminated upon capture …

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Source: Teen killing mass murderer Breivik wins lawsuit over ‘inhuman’ treatment – Times LIVE


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