10:27 A.M. Final post on the Masters …


From then on , it’s rich southerner Disney World … It’s truly a strange feeling living out someone else’s bucket list … All the stuff you expect to see is there ( the immaculate grass , the old plantation-style homes with creepily attentive service people , the obsession over every detail , the hordes of golf dudes in worn New Balances , etc. ) … As well as some stuff you didn’t expect to see ThreeKings( Masters branding on almost everything with a surface , sunscreen pump bottles in the club bathroom , poor 86-year-old Arnold Palmer being gawked at like a zoo animal by camera-clutching mobs as he just tries to eat lunch , etc. ) … But more than the expected and unexpected sights , it’s the stuff you don’t see that catches you off guard … Like trash … Anywhere … Or squirrels … Or insects … Or birds … Or women ( not the greatest ratio ) …

MORBNOTE ; Got a chuckle out of this chap’s take on all the pomp ! … Good read …


Source: The Masters, As Experienced By a Black Guy Who Doesn’t Watch Golf | Complex CA


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