1:51 P.M. More chicken shit !!! …


Swiss Chalet and St-Hubert … It’s a typically Canadian story of two solitudes … The two iconic brands of rotisserie chicken and special sauce have largely been operating in different parts of the country , as St-Hubert dominates the Kbec  PROVINCIAL ! scene and Swiss Chalet operates mostly in English-speaking ALL of CANADA !!! …

That seems unlikely to change , even though Kbec-based Groupe St-Hubert Inc. is to be added to an extensive roster of restaurants owned by Cara Operations Ltd. in a $537-million deal expected to close this summer … In a conference call with analysts after the deal was announced Thursday , Cara chairman and CEO Bill Gregson stressed that he sees the St-Hubert management team as the experts both on the Kbec marketplace and on food manufacturing …

‘ They’ve been the pioneers in taking a restaurant brand and converting it to commercial use at grocery stores , by selling a product at grocery retail ‘ Gregson said ‘ They have just done a phenomenal job at it and we have not , quite honestly ‘ …

MORBNOTE ; BUT !!! … Have both companies been making sure all the chickens are comfy and enjoying ‘ sunny ways ‘ before we gut the poor bastards ?!!! … And turn them into this billion dollar industry !!! …


Aug21Look copy

Source: In rotisserie chicken marriage, owner of Swiss Chalet buys St-Hubert for $537M | Toronto Star


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