12:13 P.M. The last thing the ‘ Establishment ‘ wants is honesty !!! …


The ‘ Summer of Trump ’, as it has been dubbed in the States , has been marked by his ascendency in the polls , dominance of the nation’s airwaves , and a series of provocative and confrontational statements that began in his nomination speech … Here among other apparently unscripted remarks , he pondered how the US had  ‘ become a dumping ground for everybody else’s problems ‘ , going on to tell his startled audience :

Trump-TIME‘ When Mexico sends its people , they’re not sending their best … They’re sending people that have lots of problems … They’re bringing drugs … They’re bringing crime … They’re rapists … And some , I assume , are good people ‘ ..

He then went on to announce that one of his key policy objectives would be to build ‘ a great wall on our southern border and have Mexico pay for that wall … 

Since then , Mr. Trump has captured headlines for questioning the war record of former US presidential candidate John McCain, saying that Mr. McCain , ‘ was a war hero because he was captured … I like people who weren’t captured ‘ … Publicly releasing the phone number of fellow candidate Senator Lindsey Graham , repeatedly denigrating his opponents , forcibly ejecting a journalist from a news conference , apparently suggesting that the female news anchor who had pressed him over accusations of misogyny in the first televised Republican debate had been menstruating at the time , calling for the abolition of both corporation and inheritance tax , describing climate change as a ‘ hoax ‘ , arguing that the US should confront Islamic State by ‘ bombing the hell ‘ out of Iraq’s oil fields and suggesting that President Obama’s recent deal with Iran would require the US to defend the theocratic state in case of war : ‘ So if Israel attacks Iran , according to that deal , I believe the way it reads … that we have to fight with Iran against Israel ‘ …

Let’s face it folks … The way the system has been chuggin’ along … With the state of affairs in the world right now … A 180 is urgently required !!! …



Source: The World Weekly | How the world sees Donald Trump


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