9:14 P.M. Very interesting read …


I came across this killing time … Good read …

Rumour has it you can now buy a reasonably priced TV cable package called the Skinny Basic , or as I call it , The Too Little , Too Late … I call it a rumour because when I began looking for the promised budget-conscious option in mid-February , I found it was tough to get the skinny on the Skinny … There was nothing on the company’s websites , but I did find some CBC stories about how the big players … Shaw , Bell , Telus , and Rogers  … Were trying to keep word of this mandatory option from getting around … Last week CBC uncovered the fact that Bell was coaching its ( ironically named ) customer service reps to downplay this package , which was beginning to look like a unicorn … Much discussed , never seen …

‘ Do not promote the Starter TV package ‘ reads a Bell training document obtained by CBC … ‘ There will be no advertising and this package should only be discussed if the customer initiates the conversation ‘ …

It’s almost comic … Imagine the scene playing out from some premium TV series about the anti-heroes controlling the cable , cellphone and Internet industry … Let’s call it Breaking Cable … Picture the stars , all wearing $5,000 suits , discussing whether in the age of collapsing newspapers the public will get the memo about the CRTC mandating fairly priced cable … ‘

‘ Maybe if we don’t mention the Skinny no one will know ?… Just keep telling them their $212 a month packages include everything … What could be better than everything ? ‘ … says one lounge-lizard type , 62 … ‘ But what about pick-and-pay ? ‘  a younger , hipster character will moan , while twirling his waxed moustache … ‘ That’s coming in December … How do they expect us to make $63 billion running the same home reno show , year after year , if we can’t force anyone to buy it ?’ ‘ …

Click on the link for the whole article … Pretty good …


Source: Breaking Cable? Skinny TV Is an Inspiration | The Tyee


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