9:26 P.M. Republican party wants to stop its frontrunner !!! …


Trump-TIMEConservative strategist Amy Kremer says Trump’s popularity is rooted in a general sense of dissatisfaction among U.S. voters, and a desire for ‘ outsider ‘  candidates who are not part of the political world …

” Donald Trump is just emblematic of the anger and frustration with the American voters across the country ,”  Kremer said , adding that the frontrunner  ” could have been ‘ anyone else ‘ with the same ‘ outsider ‘  status … Texas Senator Ted Cruz , for instance , could be considered another outsider ” …  Kremer said …

MORBNOTE ; Well Amy … Ted’s actually in the race and HE’S LOSING !!! … So I think the Donald has something other than ‘ just an outsider ‘ appeal !!! …


Source: Republicans vs. Trump: How the party could stop its frontrunner | CTV News


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