7:34 P.M. First post for 2016 !!! …



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Angela Merkel said Monday night that Europe had lost control of the refugee crisis , as she confronts public anger over the New Year’s Eve sex attacks in Cologne ...

OOPSMerkel  ‘ All of a sudden we are facing the challenge that refugees are coming to Europe and we are vulnerable , as we see , because we do not yet have the order , the control that we would like to have ‘  the chancellor told a meeting of business leaders …

MORBNOTE I ; Then why did you … Like the newly elected , spoiled twit ! …   Prime Minister of my country … RUSH to let these people flood in to our countries ?!!! … The same shit will continue here … Until this country has nothing left of the slight identity it once had !!! …

Her comments came after authorities in Cologne confirmed for the first time that the attacks were ‘ almost exclusively ‘ carried out by men ‘ of an immigrant background ‘ … Police have identified 19 suspects so far , including 10 who are in the country as registered asylum seekers …

MORBNOTE II ; Great way to express your ‘ need ‘ for ‘ asylum ‘ … 



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