9:40 A.M. Now I finally understand … I was born in the wrong country … CANADA !!! …


I HAD to create a new category for this bullshit !!! … I’ll work on the header later today !!!…

‘ They step off the plane as refugees , but they walk out of this terminal as permanent residents of Canada with social insurance numbers …WITH HEALTH CARDS !!! … And with an opportunity to become full Canadians ‘ … Trudeau said just before the plane’s arrival …

WTF !!! … I just recently completed 15 months of frustrating aggravation dealing with government agencies to REPLACE my already existing health card information so I could obtain a new card !!! … I WAS BORN HERE !!! … OVER HALF A CENTURY AGO !!! … And among all the paper pushing minions I had the unfortunate requirement to deal with … Pete Jr. and Wavey Hands Wynne weren’t there to hand me a winter fucking coat !!!…



After landing in Toronto , the new arrivals were given warm coats , social insurance numbers and health cards after a security and health screening at a special airport terminal renovated for their arrival. After processing , they were bused to an airport hotel to rest …

All this … IN ONE DAY !!! … The same day I suffered through 5 hours of physical stress … Working a physically demanding job … When my surgeon has told me … Quite bluntly !!! … TO STOP DOING SO !!! … PAID !!! with the small amount of money I’VE EARNED !!! … To rough ride on NINE PUBLIC TRANSIT BUSES !!! … In order to drop off yet MORE redundant paperwork to a government agency … That I’ve been dealing with for A YEAR AND A HALF !!! … In hopes that … After forty years of contributing to the tax base of this country … I could get a little help while I try to recuperate from the SPINAL SURGERY  that was needed to rectify the cause of pain … Which took me SEVEN FUCKIN’ YEARS TO GET DONE !!! …


Source: Syrian refugees now in Toronto look forward to ‘beautiful future’ – Toronto – CBC News


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