11:47 A.M. Without mercy …


The Islamic State group’s claim of responsibility appeared in Arabic and French in an online statement circulated by IS supporters … It was not immediately possible to confirm the authenticity of the admission , which bore the group’s logo and resembled previous verified statements from the group … The statement mocked France’s involvement in air attacks on suspected IS bases in Syria and Iraq , noting that France’s air power was ‘ of no use to them in the streets and rotten alleys of Paris ‘ …

As Hollande addressed the nation , French anti-terror police worked to identify potential accomplices to the attackers , whose nationalities and motives remained unclear … Authorities said eight attackers died, seven in suicide bombings , a new terror tactic in France … Police said they shot and killed the other assailant …

Officials said a SYRIAN¬†passport was recovered from the remains of one suicide bomber outside the stadium and that a suicide bomber at the concert hall was identified as a young Frenchman flagged in the past for links with an Islamic extremist activity …

MORBNOTE ; And Pete Jr. wants to let 25,000 Syrians into this country in as fast as he can !!! …


Source: Paris attacks: France vows to strike back against ISIS without mercy deadly events kill 127, injure 200 | CTV News


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