8:17 P.M. Bernardo deserves to rot …


From an article in the Toronto Sun ;

Don’t let Paul Bernardo out … Not now… Not ever…

He deserves to rot in jail for the rest of his life … On Friday Canadians were shocked to learn that one of Canada’s most notorious criminals had applied for day parole in Toronto … The convicted killer is designated as a dangerous offender and received a life sentence with no chance of parole back in 1993 ( MORBNOTE ; Then why are we talking about this ?!!! ) … The law states that anyone in Bernardo’s situation has the right to apply for parole three years before he’s actually eligible for it ( MORBNOTE II ; WHY ?!!! … More money for the lawyers ?!!! ) …

The lawyer for the families of Bernardo’s murder victims … 14-year-old Leslie Mahaffy and 15-year-old Kristen French … Told media that he assured his clients Bernardo has no chance of parole … He’s right … At least we hope he’s right ( MORBNOTE III ; We have to ‘ hope ‘ because you can never ‘ count ‘ on what a lawyer says to you … It is purely their own ‘ interpretation ‘ of laws written by … OTHER LAWYERS !!! ) … Because no country with a true justice system would ever let a criminal like Paul Bernardo out of prison ( MORBNOTE IV ; ‘ Scuse me naive one … But this is CANADA !!! … And we just elected a real kiss ass sap as Prime Minister !!! ) … But the mere mention of parole being a possibility for a criminal such as this is deeply upsetting to many Canadians … Correctional Services of Canada sent a form ( MORBNOTE V ; FORM LETTER ?!!! ) letter to the Mahaffy and French families informing them of Bernardo’s application … Even though Bernardo knows hell will likely freeze over before he gets out , he also knows this is just one more way to harm the families of his victims …

In addition to being a murderer, Bernardo’s admitted to raping 14 women ( MORBNOTE VI ; KEY HERE FOLKS !!! … ‘ ADMITTED ‘  !!! … We KNOW he’s a complete waste of a human being !!! … He can’t and COULD NEVER  be ‘ fixed ‘ ! ) … These victims and their families matter too … They should feel secure knowing he’s still behind bars … No community is safe with a man like this out on the streets … No matter how many years have passed … No matter how restrict the parole conditions he’d be given … There’s nothing that can justify ever letting him out. In many ways the system itself is cruel to let the process unfold in this way … A dangerous offender like this shouldn’t be able to apply for parole … It’s pointless .. . It’s cruel that the victims’ families should have to find a letter from their government in the mail one day that just opens them up for another round of pain …  

For the worst killers like Bernardo , life in prison must mean exactly that … ( Period !!! )



Source: Bernardo deserves to rot | Editorial | Opinion | Toronto Sun


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