7:49 P.M. FATHER ?!!! …

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The father of a nine-year-old Chicago boy executed in an apparent revenge attack started selling ‘RIP t-shirts’ with his son’s face on them online just days after the killing … The shirts , which were available through a GoFundMe that was recently deactivated , were put up as it was revealed the boy’s mother used donations meant for her son’s burial to buy a new car !!! …9YrOldWTF2

Tyshawn Lee , an elementary school student headed to his grandmother’s house , was ‘ lured ‘ from a park into a South Side neighborhood alley and shot in the head and back last Monday in what police say was an ‘ absolutely hateful ‘ killing motivated by his father’s alleged gang affiliations … The father , Pierre Stokes , wrote online that by selling the shirts he was …  Trying to fix the wrongs that done by the boy’s mother , Karla Lee ‘ …

WTF1YO !! … What it is bro !!! … That bitch no damn good !!! … Now I gots to go fuck me another one and replace that little fucker !!!  … 

BlogSOOct031 copySource: Tyshawn Lee’s father Pierre Stokes sold t-shirts with son’s face on them | Daily Mail Online


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