7:11 P.M. Blade of jihad !!! … Knife as tool of terror !!! … LET ‘EM ALL IN JUNIOR !!! …|


The knife has replaced suicide bombings , car attacks and random shootings as the new tool of choice for waging jihad on Israel , with leaders blatantly calling for Palestinians young and old to take up the kitchen implement and kill !!! …

While cars careening into crowds was the trend in terror last year … With hit songs in Gaza and the West Bank praising ‘ martyrs ‘ behind the wheel … This year Hamas and Palestinian Authority leaders , ‘ clerics ‘ !!!  and newspaper editors are openly encouraging stabbings that have so far killed a dozen and wounded 167 since Oct. 1 …

Through sermons , social media , online blogs , editorial cartoons and TV and radio reports , the message seems to be that anyone can pick up a knife and advance the cause !!! …

‘ Restrain the victim while others attack him with axes and butcher knives ‘ … Influential Sheikh Muhammad Salakh recently preached as he brandished a knife in a sermon that was widely viewed within the territories … ‘ Do not fear what will be said about you … Oh men of the West Bank , next time , attack in a group of three … four … or five …  Attack them in groups … Cut them into body parts !!! ‘ …


Charming …

And apparently our politicians feel that we ‘ owe ‘ these people something ?!!! …

Source: Blade of jihad: Extremists embrace the knife as tool of terror | Fox News


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