6:55 P.M. HERE WE GO !!! …


Canada’s minister of immigration , refugees and citizenship says cabinet will form a subcommittee to co-ordinate government efforts to bring thousands of Syrian refugees to this country … 


‘ Canadians can and must do more to help Syrian refugees who are desperately seeking safety ‘  McCallum said Monday during a news conference in Ottawa … ‘ The new cabinet ad hoc committee is our first step towards Canada providing more Syrian refugees with the safe haven they so desperately need ‘ …

 justin-trudeau-turbanPrime Minister Justin Trudeau also announced Monday the appointment of Malcolm Brown , a top bureaucrat , and the current deputy minister for international development , as special adviser to the clerk of the Privy Council on the Syrian refugee initiative …

‘ This is about showing leadership and doing what is right as Canadians ‘ McCallum said of the appointments … Less than a week after the new Liberal government was sworn in …

NOOOooo !!! … You old liberal fuck from Junior’s old man’s regime !!! … The LAST thing we need is 25 , 000 Syrian fucks in this country DEMANDING that we cater to them !!! … 

All’s good and well for you !! … You’ll never have to deal with them daily and you’re just sliding up to the trough for some more tax dollars ya old useless fuck !!! …

LabourDay3 copy

Source: Syrian refugee crisis: Canada strikes committee to fast track resettlement – Politics – CBC News


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