10:44 A.M. Justin Trudeau will now finish the job his father began … THE GIVEAWAY OF CANADA …


It was inevitable … Very few governments … Good or bad … Last more than three election cycles … There was really no positive choice to vote for … Only the lessor of three evils … With a dollop of change in the mix …

We now have a coddled – all – his – life heir apparent representing ‘ Canadians ‘ around the globe …

Trudeau credited his stunning electoral success to an ‘ old-fashioned strategy ‘ …  Meeting and listening to Canadians … He committed to lead a government that is hard-working , transparent and inclusive , reaching out to K’bekers , aboriginal people and ethnic minorities …


MORBNOTE ; In other words … SCREW ENGLISH CANADA and all those who built the country !!! …

Any hopes of this country achieving an identity of its’ own have now gone right down the toilet !!! …

Jan19Blog2 copy

Source: Justin Trudeau: ‘I will be the prime minister of all Canadians’ – Politics – CBC News

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