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By now , most of y’all are aware of the Mass Muslim Male Migration taking place in Europe … It isn’t a refugee crisis … It’s not a cry for humanitarian aid ...

It’s an invasion by those who are trying to finish what the spirits of Charles Martel and San Isidro stopped back in the late 1400’s. You know, back when Europeans actually had balls and recognized an invasion when they saw one. Anyway, it appears that the only countries interested in staying sovereign (read: surviving) are countries who were recent members of the Occupied Club. Hungary is trying to stem the tide of wretched refuse as is Czech Republic. But the powerhouse countries, those who came up with that idiotic plan called the European Union, are only too happy to take them in, because they are either stupid, or calculating. I haven’t decided which is more apt. Germany’s PM Merkel has declared that her country will take in 500,00 immigrants a year for the next several years. And what’s more, she is pressuring the rest of the EU countries to follow suit so that Germany and France and Great Britain and Italy don’t get overwhelmed. And countries like Hungary are screaming “WE CAN’T AFFORD THIS!!!” These people are not coming to Europe because they are in danger. They don’t seek asylum from war. That’s the excuse the media is providing. They seek the wonderful welfare benefits that open border zealots like Germany give to every single immigrant. When I lived there, a family migrating into Germany would receive 25,000 € for each member per year. A family of four would make 100,000 € just for immigrating. And in addition, they would get a stipend from the government as long as they didn’t work, because the government didn’t want immigrants competing with Germans for jobs. How fucking insane is that? These so-called refugees are going to Europe to drain their resources and take over. Plain and simple. They bring nothing with them but belligerence and death if Europeans do not comply. How else do you explain these “refugees” breaking Christian statues and pissing on them? How do you explain them turning down bottles of water because the bottles have a cross on them? How do you explain them turning down FOOD because it isn’t halal? And if it’s such a crisis, where the fuck is the United Nations? My uncle fled commie Cuba with nothing but the clothes on his back, and he traded his shoes for the chance to eat from some farmer’s pig trough, drank water from the street ditches, and was grateful to God for the bounty. And you have these fucking dickwrinkles demanding Europeans obey halal dietary practices while the fuckers provide nothing but trash? Fucking ingrates. I pray to God the Europeans wake up to their folly but I fear it is already too late. Britain’s Labour Party is planning to outlaw “islamophobia”. Funny how they don’t outlaw anti-Jewish and anti-Christian stuff, eh? You know what I would do to anyone who broke my statue of St. Francis and pissed on it? I would break them in the same way, and then have my dog piss on the perp. I’m a lady, after all.

2011Oct08LidMORBNOTE ; I like this blogger’s writings of his/her observations !!! …

Source: Hookers & Booze – What more could a man need?


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