5:02 A.M. For starters , junior … Where does that 40 mil come from ?!!! …


The federal Liberals are promising a moratorium on oil tanker traffic along the northern coast of British Columbia. The move would effectively kill any pipeline projects through the area … Including the controversial Northern Gateway pipeline that Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau opposes … And make official a non-binding motion the House of Commons passed in 2010 … The Liberal pledge would put Dixon Entrance, Hecate Strait and Queen Charlotte Sound off limits to tanker traffic as part of the party’s push to protect ecologically sensitive areas … The move puts the Liberals at odds with the Conservatives who favour a pipeline to the West Coast to move Alberta oil overseas to Asia-Pacific markets … Trudeau made the announcement in Vancouver on Thursday as he unveiled a party plan to protect Canada’s oceans that included a pledge to reinstate $40 million cut from the ocean science and monitoring program at the Department of Fisheries and Oceans … The plan would also expand protected marine and coastal areas …


Source: Liberals promise to stop oil tanker traffic along northern BC coast if elected


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