7:16 A.M. Mulcair and Trudeau may be Harper’s best weapon !!!…



Mulcair’s communications director apologizes for anti-Catholic tweets A senior aide to NDP Leader Tom Mulcair apologized Tuesday after past tweets surfaced in which he took aim at the Roman Catholic church … The two-year-old tweets by Shawn Dearn , hired in February as Mulcair’s director of communications , were also directed at the Pope …

‘ Memo to CBC and all media ‘  one of them reads … ‘ Stop calling the misogynist , homophobic , childmolesting Catholic Church a ‘ moral authority’  … It’s not” shawn-dearn

However , in a tweet to his followers late Tuesday , Dearn apologized …

‘ Some tweets that predated my current role were offensive and do not reflect my views ‘ he said … ‘ They are being deleted and I apologize sincerely ‘ …





Source: Mulcair turns guns on Trudeau in Toronto


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