12:08 P.M. Not just Europe’s … But the ENTIRE WEST’s need to end this shit !!! …


Brad MacDonald … A ‘ writer ‘ for the Trumpet.com … Obviously unwitting , displays his membership in the ‘ Spinelessness and Ignorance Club ‘ of the Liberal ‘ peace / love dove / help the pagan ‘ mindset of today’s deniers of the inevitable ;

… How to fix Syria ? …  Simply end the civil war … But this means tackling Syrian President Bashar Assad … A powerful , heartless man with even more powerful , heartless friends … Taking out Assad would require force and fortitude … Both of which the West lacks … Confronting Assad in a meaningful way would likely lead to conflict with Iran and Russia … Probably China too … Such conflict would engulf the Middle East … It would be World War III …

Well … I can GUARANTEE ya that … If handled properly by the civilized leaders of this side of the globe … WWIII will start and finish on the same day !!! … The gipper knew how to handle things  !!! …


That would certainly … VERY QUICKLY … AND PERMANENTLY !!! force these ‘ lost – in – a – fairy tale ‘ jihadist asshole countries to …


Source: Europe’s Intractable Crisis – theTrumpet.com


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