11:27 A.M. From the older cousin down south …


It’s been a while since I needed one of the multiple headers !!! … But this is a good time for one … While bored out of my skull and sailing around the internet I typed in the name of a site that was credited to a funny picture with caption ( directly below ) …  My Marilyn sent it to me … Knowing I’d get a laugh out of it and find it blog worthy … It’s based in the States … But the same thing is happening here in Canada  … Sadly for both … Once ‘ growing ‘ nations …


The site is http://www.UncleSam’sMisguidedChildren  … If you search by Google Images you find quite a few good basic … BLUNT statements that make ya wonder where the Hell we all fell off the tracks and started disappearing up our own collective anus !!! …


I shall add to this thought line in the coming days …

Oct101 copy


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