11:06 a.m. Update on the pagan invasion …


A Toronto Conservative candidate is expressing regret after a media report that he was once caught on video urinating in a coffee cup while working as an appliance repairman … The CBC reported Sunday night that its show Marketplace used hidden cameras in 2012 to record Jerry Bance doing the act and pouring the contents down the sink … CupPiddlerHe was reportedly on a service call … The CBC says Bance , who is running in the east Toronto riding of Scarborough Rouge Park , runs an appliance repair company … The broadcaster aired the Marketplace video Sunday night … The show had set up the hidden cameras in 2012 as part of a story into home repair companies … The CBC says after Bance pours the urine down the sink , he rinses out the cup … All while the homeowner was in the next room !!! …



OoopsCaughtThis guy thinks he should have a say in how this country conducts itself ?!!! … Unfortunately we have allowed too many pagans into this country and blindly given them the power to vote …

Well ‘ Jerhinder ‘ ( Your name can’t possibly be ‘ Jerry ‘ !!! ) … I think it demonstrates EXACTLY the type of individual you are …

And , in my ‘ Had enough ! state of bluntness ‘ , I speak for many when I say …

GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY COUNTRY AND GO BACK TO YOUR SHITHOLE !!! … Where you evolution-stalled  pagans find that to be normal …

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Source: Conservative who reportedly urinated into coffee cup ‘deeply regrets’ actions |


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